Brits spend as much before they travel as they do abroad

New research by ABTA at its annual Travel Matters event last month has revealed that many Brits are spending as much here in the UK before they travel, as they do abroad on holiday.

The report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research has found that UK holidaymakers spend an average of £532 per person on holiday products and services before they have even left the country. In total this is equivalent to £31.2 billion that is spent in the UK each year on foreign holiday planning, where as £31.6 billion is spent whilst abroad. 

The figure includes transport to and from the airport, buying electrical goods such as cameras and magazines and books to keep us entertained on the journey. The largest amount is spent on our holiday wardrobes, which adds up to £1.83 billion, closely followed by buying duty free goods at £1.77 billion. We also spend £529 million on toiletries and other beauty essentials when we go away, including sun tan lotions.

Victoria Bacon, ABTA Head of Communications said, “Part of the excitement of going away on holiday is about the preparation. For many holidaymakers, splashing out some of their budget on a new summer wardrobe, buying a few new books and magazines and getting their duty free at the airport are all part of the experience. This demonstrates conclusively that going abroad on holiday is good for British business”.

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